VW's New Electroturbodiesel Motor Makes 268 HP, Could Deliver 60 MPG

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Volkswagen has gone one step closer to giving us the perfect "have your cake and eat it too" motor. The automaker recently unveiled their new super advanced performance diesel engine in Wolfsburg. You'll want this diesel, you'll want it bad.


According to AutoExpress, VW has adapted the existing EA288 power-plant. In the Europe-only Passat, the TDI produces 237 hp and 368 ft/lbs and will get about 50 mpg highway (in Europe). Volkswagen has big plans for this new motor and is even considering dropping it into their new 7-seat crossover. In order for it to handle such a large application Volkswagen has added an electric turbo charger which increases the output to 268hp, this is more power than the 3.0 TDI V6 found in the European Toaureg.

Efficiency also increases, which means the new 2.0 TDI could achieve upwards of 60 mpg highway. Torque figures have not yet been released, but it is probably safe to say that it is somewhere in the ballpark of 400 ft/lbs. VW plans on mating this engine with an all new 10-speed DSG transmission.

As of now Volkswagen has no plans to bring this power-plant to the US, but given that Americans are finally coming around to diesel it could be a possibility. All I know is drop that sucker in the MK7 Sportwagen and you will have a collective Jalop implosion.

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Isn't it really an electric supercharger?