Volkswagen Passat CC Shall Be Known Merely As VW CC

If you haven't seen the Volkswagen Passat CC in person, you may not be able to appreciate the muscular beauty of the "four dour coupe" that's headed towards US shores. No one could give us a straight answer for what CC stood for, though most assumed "concept coupe," despite the fact the car is obviously a sedan. Either way, we heard a rumor it was to be merely the Volkswagen CC. Now we have a conformation, of sorts, from the VW website, which is now proudly proclaiming the "CC" for 2008.


We sort of see where Volkswagen is going with this, though the name takes alphanumericism to its ridiculous extreme. If rumors are true, and they want to bring back the Phaeton, they're going to have to place a car in between that luxury cruiser and the standard Passat. By naming the car the Passat CC, you make it harder to justify the higher price for a car that doesn't necessarily offer that much more than a new Passat. That's our thinking, anyways. [Source: CC]

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