Could Phaeton Be Making A Return To The US?

Many Jalopers have a special place in their heart for W12 Volkswagen Phaeton (and we know a certain journalist with a pair of V8 Phaetons). And while we like the Passat CC up close, it doesn't move us in the same way. So that makes us happy to hear that Motor Authority is reporting that VW's chief Stefan Jacoby mentioned that it was a mistake to end the Phaeton in North America and that it could make a return.


Said Phaeton would likely fit somewhere between the Audi A6 and Audi A8, as opposed to a cheaper and cooler alternative to the A8. And a date for said return? Motor Authority says 2010 and we hope they're right. This actually reminds us that, in William Gibson's Spook Country, a lot of people drive the Phaeton because of its stealth luxury:

"The agency has Phaetons," he said. "Good sealth cars. Mistake them for Jettas, at a distance."

[Motor Authority]

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