Detroit Auto Show: Volkswagen Passat CC Four-Door Coupe Live

Illustration for article titled Detroit Auto Show: Volkswagen Passat CC Four-Door Coupe Live

Volkswagen needs a bit more luxury and, with the less than stellar performance by the Phaeton, you may be looking at it. Chris Doane, our intrepid photographer, managed to grab views from the floor of this new sleek coupe. Getting the jump on Ford, VW will be offering the Passat CC exclusively with direct injection engines "worldwide." That means the US will be getting a 200 horsepower 2.0 liter TSI and 280 horsepower V6 FSI. All of the V6's will be offered with full-time 4MOTION all-wheel drive as standard equipment.

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@Zandr: Well, technically a coupé is a body style that's not door dependent. The French word for "cut", it originally was used to describe anything with a rear deck that finished in a straight line from the roof (what we'd describe as a fastback). However, because we Americans have bastardized that into coupe, meaning a two-door car, now we have this confused new moniker of four-door coupe (or four-door two-door). We should just put the damn e-acute (the accent over the "e") back and the whole thing makes sense again.

Passat Sedan Coupé anyone?