Volkswagen GTI Vision Gran Turismo: A Hot Hatch Unbound From Reality

I think it's fair to say that over the years, there have been some crazy Volkswagen GTI concepts. Remember the one that looked like an R8, or the one with the W12 engine? Good stuff. Now Volkswagen has another nutty one coming our way, and it's headed to Gran Turismo 6.


Not to be outdone by the recently-announced hopped-up virtual 2-Series that is the BMW Vision Gran Turismo, Volkswagen confirmed that they too will deploy a special GTI just for the game. It will be unveiled next Friday, May 23.

This teaser video, which is in German but has English captions if you want, shows two VW designers squaring off in Gran Turismo until their boss, VW head of design Klaus Bischoff, shows up — and instead of telling them to get back to work, he tells them to design a GTI just for the game instead. He seems like a cool boss.

They don't show the actual car, but at the very end it's teased in sketches of a black GTI/Scirocco-looking car that first showed up on the web last year. Finally, we'll get to see the whole thing.


No specs have been announced yet, but since the designers have free reign to do whatever they want, it's probably going to be pretty interesting.

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