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Video Shows Terrifying Fire Engulfing A Lamborghini Countach At A Gas Station

Pour one out for the red Lamborghini Countach that burnt to a crisp this past Thursday in San Francisco. Try as they might, firefighters weren’t able to put out the flames until it was too late. The death knell rings a somber echoing bellow.

It’s not yet clear what caused the fire, and footage obtained by KRON4 doesn’t make it easy to discern whether or not this was a real Countach or a replica. Some comments suggested the engine may have been running while the driver was refueling.


The driver was reportedly already out of the car when the fire started, you can see the flame climbing up the scissor door. Towards the end of the clip we see what might be a tire explode from the heat.

Luckily there were no reported injuries. The only serious harm to come out of this tragic situation is another account of Italian supercars dramatically combusting. Potentially dying a horrible firey death is just part of the fun, you know; it comes with the territory.


H/t to Paulo and Gardner

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