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Valet Takes Lamborghini Out For Joyride, It Promptly Catches Fire

By now we all know most modern Lamborghinis have a bit of a... design issue. I, in grand Lamborghini style, would even call it a feature. They tend to catch fire every so often. Said fire will often come at the most inopportune moments, too, like when you’re a valet taking somebody else’s Lambo out for a joyride.

The conflagration seems to have been caused in a similar manner to many other Aventador fires before—revving the nearly 700-horsepower V12 up to stratospheric heights, causing that hot fire to shoot out the back, in traffic, according to an eyewitness (via Fox News Insider, a publication I don’t normally read but which Patrick George, our esteemed Editor-in-Chief, sent me, probably because he only reads the most minor of Fox News publications, which explains a lot about our site.)


Without high-speed airflow to carry the searing hot exhaust gases out and away from the car, they tend to just set everything around it on fire like Drunk You attempting to host a candlelit seance. And get a valet fired.

But while we may all mourn for the poor Lamborghini owner who will likely have everything repaired, a brilliant excuse for speeding has emerged from the ashes.


“Oh, I’m sorry, Officer. I had to go 200 mph, you see, because I didn’t want my bright orangey-red Lamborghini to catch fire. Obviously.”

I’m sure that will go over well.

Hat tip to TopHatt77!

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