Use This Lada's Window To Chop Your Next Salad

Dinner and drinks is so blasé. It's all about dinner and driving now.

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Gif: Garage 54

You know when you’re driving home from the grocery store and start wishing you could just start prepping your dinner while still behind the wheel? No? Just me? Well, you’re going to start thinking about it once you see this Lada’s ultra-powerful window perfect for chopping veggies.

If you’re an avid watcher of automotive YouTube and hear about someone modifying a Lada, you’re probably already one step ahead of me in expecting this excellent contraption to come from Russia-based Garage 54. We’ve written about their escapades several times on Jalopnik, and they just keep getting better.


In this recent video, the folks at Garage 54 decided to take the concept of the power window to the next step by increasing the speed and power with which the rear driver’s side window closes. It’s truly a fine work of engineering, and you can watch the process below:

Garage 54 claims these are the fastest power windows ever, and after watching them fit a chunky pneumatic cylinder to the window via the door panel before enlarging the boreholes and adding larger hoses, I would be inclined to agree. The initial tests themselves were impressive, but by the end of the video, this window is a certified weapon. The window chops with the ferocity of a guillotine.


To prove that this window is now powerful, the fellas at Garage 54 decide to use its power to start chopping things up, and the window cleanly slices through a sausage and a cucumber before they subject it to the real test: half a head of lettuce.

It takes a few slices before the lettuce is fully chopped, but watching the window cut through it at all is honestly kind of terrifying. I was always afraid my mom would close my arm in the window when I was a kid, but this Lada justifies that fear with its ability to take a whole limb.


All that chopping seemed to take a toll, though. The next time the window is opened and closed, it smashes. If you decide to outfit your own Lada with these high-powered windows, you’ll probably want to stick a salad ingredient in there to soften the blow.