Travis Pastrana Wins 2009 Oregon Trail Rally

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MTV's "Nitro Circus" star and rally driver Travis Pastrana, along with co-driver Christian Edstrom, clocked a third win this season here at the Oregon Trail Rally situated in and around scenic, hippie-infested Portland.


In his typical "Rally Leviathan" style, Travis Pastrana nabbed his third win this season with almost a minute lead between him and second place finisher Tanner Foust. Andrew "Antilag Alarm Clock" Comrie-Picard picked up a third place finish — especially interesting considering Comrie-Picard ate tree during the practice stage. Pastrana's Subaru Factory teammate Ken Block was dramatically removed from the standings on Day Two after an 80 MPH flat tire did him in and left Block with a fractured control arm. Dave Mirra scored a first place finish in the Super Production class; walking away from the event with both his first rally win and a drop-forged cast iron grin.

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We're betting on an underdog upset at one of these upcoming rallies; a real David Vs. Goliath moment. Even though he was taken out of this weekend's event due to a very blown engine, our chips are on racing wunderkind and Jalop-You-Never-Knew-Existed Matthew Johnson in his hyper-chromatic technicolor Subaru WRX at a post-X Games rally. You heard it here first.

Sit tight and follow our RallyAmerica tag for the upcoming gonzo coverage of the 2009 Oregon Trail Rally including our mega-gallery plus a smattering of tasty bonus features.


Photog Credit: Alex C. Conley

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Karsten von LS1-stein

It amazes me that someone can just go from stunt riding a bike to being a world class rally driver.

Kinda like how Valentino Rossi can hop in a Ferrari F1 car and be one of the fastest guys out there among current F1 drivers. Except this one makes even less sense to me since MotoGP race lines and F1 race lines aren't even remotely alike.