"Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen" Trailer Will Force Us To See Star Trek

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Despite our desire to never again see a Start Trek movie that doesn't star Ricardo Montalbán, it looks like we'll be going to see the new J.J. Abrams vision for the franchise when it hits theaters next May as Aint It Cool News is reporting the full trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will be hitched to it. But, we're also hearing we should expect the teaser trailer for next summer's blockbuster that's the sequel to last summer's blockbuster and is also the prequel for the blockbuster summer movie of 2011 sometime before the end of this year — most likely in November over the Thanksgiving weekend. [Aint It Cool News]


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Wert, Wert, Wert..... We must be from different generations, because Star Trek is Iconic to me, while Transformers are in all reality, badly drawn Saturday Morning materialistic fare. The Transformers franchise is badly handled by Michael Bay, and will never be timeless in the way that the Star Trek franchise has become. One of the reasons why it will become dated is the "tied to the hip" association with GM, which everyone of the Autobots (well, except for Optimus Prime) is some kind of GM Product. At least the Decepticons change into other objects beside GM Vehicles. It's also flavorless in the acting department, compared to the acting of the later Star Trek films with Patrick Stewart and cast of the Next Generation series.

Of course, this is my own opinion, and anyone else under 20 may want to chime in on this subject.