Transformers 2 To Include Chevy Beat, Saab Aero-X Concept?

Can you believe it? There's only a year left until the release of Transformers 2, and both Ray and I can hardly control our robogasms. Today brings news we may see the inclusion of the Chevy Beat and the Saab Aero-X concepts in the movie.


What's particularly interesting about the Beat and the Aero-X is that both will be the second and third high-profile concept vehicles to be used in the filming, the first being the Hummer HX. Rumor suggests the Aero-X will play the role of Wheeljack, and while there's no word on what role the Chevy Beat will be playing, we can safely assume it'll be a small one... *rimshot* [TFW2005; TFW2005]

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