Hummer HX Featured In Transformers 2?

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All this time we thought that the Hummer HX concept was going to be in the next version of Halo, given its resemblance to the Warthog. But lo and behold, this HX appears to be some sort of character in the next Transformers movie. Maybe the HX can use its video recording feature to grab some video from the set and send it to us. Or would that be a copyright violation? Would they have to send a Chinese Malibu police car after us? Do the fake Chinese also not enforce intellectual property laws?

These questions and more will probably not be answered for some time, but in the meantime someone over at Releaselog managed to capture some photos of vehicles, including this one of the Hummer HX as some sort of military vehicle.


[ReleaseLog via TFW2005]

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@Indiana Bento and the lost Temple of Citroens:

"NEST" I think... Nuclear Emergency Search Team in real gubmint speak, dunno what it might be in the movie...