Chevy Set to Produce Beat Microcar

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The votes are in, those who voted in the GM survey to pick the next microcar selected the Chevy Beat (pictured). I guess when you have a contest you shouldn't be surprised when the one you named Beat beats the competition. Out of 1.9 million votes this was the top selection, besting the Trax and the Groove. The Beat is definitely the most boy-racer-futuristic looking, so it's not a shock that it won. How much of this car ends up in the final car is anyone's guess, in the meantime enjoy the photos of your next GM city car. [Car]

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@jpadow: Nope, it's going to be Daewoo, so fuel mileage will be meh... build quality will be meh... safety will be meh... reliability will be meh... so what good is it then?