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If you have a third- or fourth-generation Toyota Supra, you shouldn’t feel left out by all this “new Supra” talk. You certainly aren’t forgotten, least of all by Toyota. Jealous that the new Supra will have years and years of OEM parts to choose from? Not a worry, your time will come soon.

Toyota has plans to make parts again for the A70 and A80 Supras, according to Japanese Nostalgic Car, claiming the news was revealed at the Japanese launch of the A90 Supra by Shigeki Tomoyama, Toyota’s president of Gazoo Racing.


From the story:

Tomoyama announced the GR Heritage Parts Project standing before several generations of Supra, including the 2020 model and his own A80. Upon hearing the news, a hearty round of applause and cheers rose from the crowd of Supra owners gathered at the event at Toyota’s Megaweb showroom in Odaiba.

“We can not answer about specific parts at this time, but we will make every effort to meet the expectations of owners,” Tomoyama said.

Photo: Toyota

Well this certainly is exciting. Maybe you picked up an A80 Supra from someone who had modded it to hell. Soon you’ll have a chance to maybe revert it back to stock—if those parts will be available in the United States, that is. I’m not worried, though. If you own a Supra, you sound like you’re resourceful and you’ll find a way to get what you need.


Not that there is anything wrong with the new Supra. We’ve driven it and liked it. But you know these purists, they’ll go on and on about the philosophy about the car, so let ‘em have the previous models and be happy, I say.


It’s similar to a move that Nissan made recently, where it started offering parts for its Japan-only Skyline models. What is old is new again, seems like.

We’ve reached out to Toyota for additional details on the heritage program and will update if we hear back.


Update May 23, 4:30 p.m. EST: A Toyota spokesperson responded, “GR is supportive of the Heritage Parts Project, but the program is still under development so no additional details are available.”

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