Toyota FT-86 will conquer beige with TRD performance parts

"Will TRD offer aftermarket performance gear for the Toyota FT-86 / Scion FR-S?" That's the second most obvious question on the minds of Toyota/Scion fans after "will it be a car." The answer is yes on both counts. Get used to hearing that word, yes, because Toyota's apparently on a beige-busting binge.


The admins at ft86club got their hands on what look to be scans of a brochure promoting various TRD (Toyota Racing Development) kit that'll be available for Toyota's version of the car we'll know as the Scion FR-S (aka Subaru BRZimages of which surfaced yesterday).

TRD stuff in the uncovered brochure includes aero parts like front and rear spoilers and a diffuser kit; various suspension parts and brake kits and interior and exterior dress-up items like wheel and tire packages. Sorry, no power gear's listed. But as an augur of what's to come, we could do a lot worse.

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