Scion FR-S: This is it?

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It appears that images of the Toyota FT-86 — or, as we'll be calling it here in the United States, the Scion FR-S — the car the super number one best automaker from the land of the rising sun claims is the spiritual successor to the AE86, have again leaked from the sieve known as Japanese buff books.


Unlike the leak from last week of scans of a Modellista model, these scans, courtesy of our friends at FT86Club (Note: There's more images and details over there, so remember to click through to check them out!), look to be true Holyfield. You know, as in the "Real Deal?"


Don't ask me "Who the hell is Holyfield?" You punk kids with your Pokemen and Fall Out Boys probably don't even know what a Sega Genesis is. How do you not know who Evander Holyfield is? I mean, come on, the guy kicked Tyson's ass twice. Yes, from "The Hangover." Yes, that guy.

Anyway, I digress.

So, what else? Well, we already know the Toyobaru version will be — likely — lower-powered in comparison to the Subieyota, but we're also told it'll still hit approximately 200 HP.

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And that power comes from a four-banger under the hood that'll power the rear wheels through an available manual six-speed transmission.


We'll know all the details for sure later this year at the Tokyo Motor Show when both this car, and its hetero life-mate from Subaru see the public eye for the first time.

(Hat tip to everyone who sent this in!)

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