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Toyota FT-86: This is it?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

These brochure scans of what appear to be a final production model of the Toyota FT-86 / Scion FR-S may finally show what the real car looks like and end the protracted concept car nightmare parade. Maybe. Sort of. Hopefully. Do you like it?


It's worth noting we don't know for sure if this is the real thing, but the FT-86 faithful over at ft86club have been comparing it to the test mules running around Europe and have determined many of the details seem to match, including the placement of the climate control switches.

Specifically, this looks like the version of the car from Toyota's in-house design-and-tuning company Modellista (you know, the people who put bodykits on Prii). If this is a real brochure for them it's showing off the FT-86 with a custom interior, wheels, and a bodykit that's a typically JDM mix of stylish and weird.


Compared to the most recent FT-86 Concept, the more cab-forward windshield is retained. As well as the wider headlights.

The main difference appears to be the character line that runs aft of the front wheel arches and carries below the beltline to the shoulders. It's an interesting detail, though one perhaps that's exaggerated by the body kit.

Most appealing about this design is the driver-focused interior, which looks like nothing produced by Toyota in a decade. The gauge cluster sits prominently up front with an info display screen and a built-in digital speed readout.


Real or not, merely the promise of no more concepts is enough to give us a brief reprieve from our concept car migraine.


When the FT-86 finally makes it to the U.S., expect it to be the Scion FR-S and powered by the same Subaru-sourced boxer four.