Tina Turner presents the 1990 Plymouth Laser

A second commercial allowed Turner to talk like a person instead of spin around like a prop:

1990 Plymouth Laser Commercial W/ Tina Turner - U.S. Television (4:3)

Obviously, lending the Laser some of her charm and grace didn’t do much to help Plymouth out with sales; it was a sad, boxy little number that lasted in Chrysler’s lineup for only a few more years. Turner would also turn her star power to the Plymouth Acclaim which... OK.

Tina Turner in A Plymouth Acclaim Ad from 1990

“This car was built for comfort. I wonder what else we have in common?” is such a strange line it could only come from the early ’90s. Unless Turner came with a three-speed automatic with front wheel drive then their commonalities are sadly at an end.


But even before those two weird commercials we have the Plymouth Voyager:

1989 Tina Turner Plymouth Voyager Commercial

And the Sundance!

1989 Plymouth Sundance commercial with Tina Turner

Gosh, what a line up of forgettable stinkers. Chrysler’s just always just been like this, huh? Plymouth died back in 2001 of low sales from similarly sad models. The only thing memorable about these very simple ads is the effortless smile and confident gaze of one of the greatest solo singers of all time.