This Week On Craigslist: Subarus, Toyotas And Our Dreams Dashed

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It’s time for This Week On Craigslist! We’re looking at a bunch of cars that we could have pinned down, but didn’t, and are very sad about it.


Please enjoy watching:

And here are all of our Craigslist picks so you can follow along.

Not A Honda CRX

Renault Alpine GTA Turbo

Mercury Capri Coupe


Not-Roadworthy $1200 Saab


Five-Speed Lexus SC300


Lifted Isuzu Amigo


Subaru 2.5RS For Trades


Mirage Race Car


This Toyota Tercel In A Junkyard


R107 Of The Week


or the one that got away Cadillac Wagon


What do you think of our choices?

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


The GC8 looked ok until I saw this pic:

And it was icing on the cake when I saw this quote in the ad:

I’m really looking for a straight trade. ***PLEASE, PLEASE no cars that have tons of rust, wrapped cars or flat colors. I’m looking for a car with decent paint, no bondo buckets, and all the same color lol.

So basically, you want to do an even trade where you give someone your rusty, flat, wrapped, bondo’d car for a car with none of these things.

People on CL are so delusional sometimes...