These Bot-Generated Craigslist Scam Car Ads Are Unintentionally Fun

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Normally, there’s not a whole lot to like about a Craigslist used-car ad generated by a crude text-generating algorithm. Normally. But this time, thanks to pure pseudo-random chance, whatever’s making these scam ads actually manages to crank out some smile-inducing copy. It’s the little things, sometimes.

I’m not exactly sure how the scam is supposed to work; I’m guessing some sort of phishing scam, if you were somehow dumb enough to respond?

The ads all have the same basic format: a title with some random words and other characters, the name of the car for sale (usually a Chevrolet “Equinox Denali” which is not a thing), more characters, and then a price.


The body copy, after a picture of the car, is four lines: some car feature, adjective plus car feature, another feature and random characters, then a nonsense phone number.

The second line is where the joy is. Here’s some examples from Los Angeles Craigslist, but I’m sure there’s more.

Nice and upbeat:

chrome wheels

cheerful Dual Air Bags

Front Wheel Drive hemzzqz

Call *97O5128491*

We get introduced to a new superhero, Tinted Glass:

Tinted Glass.

invincible Tinted Glass

Integrated Phone cgwddobqqd

Call 97O5128491

This is why I prefer satellite radio:

Adjustable Steering Wheel

obsequious AM FM Radio

Dual-level heated front seats ihzexa

Call $97O36475O2$

I just want my steering wheel to give a shit:

CD [Multi Disc]

lackadaisical Telescopic tilt steering wheel

Air Bag - Driver rebgz

Call 97O36475O2..

Much better than electric assist:

Brilliant Silver

yak Power Steering

Alloy Wheels xmprg

Call 97O-36475O2

I guess it quit caring when it got taken off that sweet V10 and stuck on this shitbox?

Auto-dimming day-night rearview mirror

apathetic viper remote start

Head Room: Front 40.1 inches sbqdofiqc

Call 97O36475O2

There’s plenty more of these around. In fact, given enough time, there’s possibly an infinite number of these. So, you know, enjoy.


(Thanks, Coty!)

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I see more and more of these. They are so easy to spot out that I ask myself ‘Do people actually think these are real?’

Unfortunately, I am inclined to believe that there are enough people out there that do believe.

Even if you’re not computer savvy, or even not too bright, there is a simple quote that would steer you clear of things like this. ‘If it looks too good to be true, it probably is’