This Street-Legal Lancia Stratos Is Selling For Half A Million Dollars

How much would you pay for a nearly 40-year-old car with less than 200 horsepower? Why not half a million bucks?


This 1976 Lancia Stratos Stradale was one of the few hundred road-legal versions of the legendary Italian race cars, built to homologate the car for international rallying.

While the rally-spec Stratos came with a 280 horsepower Ferrari-built V6, the street version ran detuned to 196 horsepower, and that’s the car up for sale now at Tomini Classics. This particular car was driven so little over its life that its engine and transmission remain entirely original.

It seems like a ridiculously huge amount of money to pay for a car meant to be driven hard, but for those looking to appreciate its impossible wedge design, this might be the perfect example of the legendary Stratos.


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