McLaren may have thought they were oh so clever outlining their upcoming P12 superfatastiwonderhypercrazycar with rays of light this morning. They were actually giving us all the tools we needed to see the car in full.

Jalopnik reader DasWauto just had to trace the lines in the teaser image and shade in the details for us to see what the successor to the F1 will look like.

You can see how the headlights flow into a scoop aping the company's ‘swoosh' logo. McLaren loves doing that, and points out how the 12C's headlights have the same little swoosh at every opportunity.

We can also see the humongous side scoops. It's possible that the lower sections will be blocked off, as they are on the Carrera GT, but they're going to be big either way.


The pinched Ferrari F50/Ford GT40-esque hood vents are clearer now as well, along with the cockpit and rear fenders shaped like the old Mazda Furai.


You might as well, just show us the whole car at this point McLaren, there's no point in trying to cover it up anymore.

(Hat tip to DasWauto for the excellent sketches!)