This Is The Best Look Yet At McLaren's 1,000 Horsepower Hypercar

McLaren will be officially unveiling its P12 superultramegahyperinsanecar at the Paris Motor Show in two weeks time.


They have been teasing the car little by little, and today, yet another shot of the baddest car out of Woking has been released. Spoiler alert: It looks awesome.

We have already been inundated with rumors as to the car's outrageous specs and how it will look when it goes on sale. While this latest image cannot confirm or deny any of the specs, it does give us a window into the P12's appearance.

And damn does it look fiiiiiiine.

Cues from the classic F1 include a roof scoop and what appear to be very sculpted doors. There appears to be a very low front splitter as well as the distinct lacking of a rear wing. That probably signals another application of an air brake or active aerodynamics.


The design appears to be very flowing, with smooth curves and lots of oval/tear drop shaped bits.

The P12 is expected to show its face to the world at Paris in two weeks, but, like any car, it'll probably leak out early.


(Hat Tip to Eugene!)

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