2014 Volkswagen Golf: This Is It

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As we told you this morning, Volkswagen will be unveiling official details on the 2014 Golf later today. However, like always, the official images have popped out early like a drunk uncle at your surprise birthday party.


We have no technical details yet, but we don't expect many powertrain changes from the sixth generation car that is currently on sale. That means that the 2.5 liter 5-cylinder engine should make an appearance, along with a diesel — the blue model pictured is a BlueMotion high economy diesel — and a hi-po GTI.

We'll have to wait and see what has changed in the suspension department.

The headlights are more reminiscent of the Jetta and Passat while angles have taken over the rear. The interior looks to be all new, with a large screen in the center stack that is angled towards the driver, just like BMWs of old.

UPDATE: VW has released the technical stats. The new Golf is marginally larger than the old car in nearly every direction, but can weigh up to 220 pounds less than the Mark VI thanks to some clever weight savings. Engines for the USA haven't been announced, but a 1.4 liter turbo is rated at 49 MPG on the euro cycle while the base engine is a diesel that is rated at 62 MPG on that cycle.


Quattro-luvr, Powered by Datsun & Stinger

Love the new interior. If this is how the new wheel gap will actually be, improvement for Mk. VII.

I still like my Mk. VI front end better. But the GTI may have a lower front grill.