Is This McLaren’s 1,000 Horsepower P1 Hypercar?

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Everyone knows McLaren is working on a successor to the legendary F1. Today, McLaren announced that they're going to the Paris Motor Show in three weeks. We're praying that the two are related and we're going to get our first look at the hypercar-to-be.

McLaren only announced that they're bringing the "next exciting chapter of the brand" and sent out this picture. There's a decent chance we're looking at some part of McLaren's new customization program, like their Project Alpha cars, the Can-Am, or their bizarrely wonderful X-1.


We're hoping that McLaren just wants to tease a bit of their F1 successor, rumored to have an 800 horsepower engine and a 200 horsepower hybrid system. With more spy shots coming out of Ferrari's F70 Enzo replacement, it might be wise for Macca to put itself back in the spotlight with a worthwhile debut.