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This Secret Car Collector Owns 50 Percent Of The BMW 700 RS Population

Illustration for article titled This Secret Car Collector Owns 50 Percent Of The BMW 700 RS Population

The 700 RS is a hand-built race car and BMW only made two. One is in their famous museum in Munich while the other belongs to an unnamed American collector who wishes to stay in the shadows. Enter one of the most significant collections of classic BMWs on the planet.


There’s a secret warehouse located somewhere in Southern California. Inside, you find 45 classic BMWs from 1960-1988, and another ten cars in pieces.

All this was put together by a bloke who was homeless at the age of 17, saw an E30 M3 on the road and got so hooked on BMWs that when the American Dream did its job, he ditched his art collection in favor of some steel, aluminum, oil, rubber, and other precious materials in between.


As well as having all the significant BMWs of the period including Alpinas and other rarities, he also maintains a healthy stock of special parts that are getting harder to hunt down by every minute.

A bone stock 1600 is not bad for a Holy Grail.

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Fantastic, enviable collection but oh my god - “The Collector?” Really bruh?

This is like rocket fuel for the “BMW owners are douchebags” fire, I’m sorry.