BMW ALPINA B3 GT3. Munich Motor Works. Dubai, UAE

Hearing that Munich Motor Works in Dubai had an Alpina in stock didn’t really come as much of a surprise. As an independent workshop specializing in German marques – and an authorized DINAN Performance Centre capable of turning your ‘mild’ BMW M5 into a 700+hp beast – the occasional product from Alpina Burkard… » 6/18/13 10:39am 6/18/13 10:39am

News Flash: Wealthy Middle Easterners Love Fast Supercars

With both the demand and price for oil way the hell up in the stratosphere, it seems that people in the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries have a lot of extra money. They also happen to love F1 and hot European cars that can go 200 mph. So, they're buying them in record numbers. Kuwait is now the biggest market… » 6/15/07 10:15am 6/15/07 10:15am