The inscrutable juju of the perfectly dialed-in car

We were talking about Porsche 911s. It was one of those chats that goes nowhere but nevertheless accomplishes something—my friend James Tate bought an '85 Carrera, he sent me an instant message, and 30 minutes disappeared into vagaries and nonsense. Club Sport wing—you need a Club Sport wing. You paid what? Did you… »10/15/14 3:42pm10/15/14 3:42pm

BMW ALPINA B3 GT3. Munich Motor Works. Dubai, UAE

Hearing that Munich Motor Works in Dubai had an Alpina in stock didn’t really come as much of a surprise. As an independent workshop specializing in German marques – and an authorized DINAN Performance Centre capable of turning your ‘mild’ BMW M5 into a 700+hp beast – the occasional product from Alpina Burkard… »6/18/13 10:39am6/18/13 10:39am