Motores Patelo, the little one-man miniature engine shop that could, is a true gift to the world. Handcrafting real, working piston engines from scratch, and setting the assembly of those engines to swelling movie scores, is the kind of work that sets humanity apart from the animals. And its come up with its toughest challenge yet.

A real, working, incredibly small W32 engine. No, not a V8, nor a V12. It laughs at the simplicity that is the W16 in a Bugatti Veyron.

A W32, featuring 32 pistons pumping away in tiny manic fury.

As the video states, the engine consists of 850 separate pieces, 650 screws, and took 2,520 hours (or 105 straight days) of labor to put together.


I hereby nominate Motores Patelo to be preserved by UNESCO. I don't care that it's actually just a guy. Make him the first ever living World Heritage Site.

I don't care about your goddamn rules, UNESCO. This is more important.

H/t to Arpad Kallos!