Now, I’m not even going to pretend this is particularly timely, or even something I discovered on my own. Because it isn’t, and I didn’t. But it’s something so achingly pure and beautiful I nevertheless felt compelled to share it with you: the greatest, most concentrated collection of driver idiocy ever recorded on video.


You can see the full video here, on the aptly named Reddit group IdiotsInCars.

The remarkable thing about the video isn’t that anything especially dramatic happens, it’s that each and every decision every driver seems to make is the most idiotic decision possible.


It starts with the dashcam owner clipping the rear corner of a stopped dump truck while attempting to go around it on a two-lane road. Then the driver stops, blocking traffic in the other direction, effectively closing down the whole road.

Then other people attempt to get around the first guy, and make similarly minor and terrible decisions, and, just watch and shake your head and wonder how humanity is capable of anything at all.

At least four collisions of some kind happen in this short video, all from different causes: clipping the corner of a truck, not looking before reversing, forgetting to set your parking brake, misjudging distance—it’s amazing.


Anyway, just sit back and let it wash over you, I suppose.

(via BB for the subreddit tip!)

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