Road Raging Idiot Manages To Run Himself Over Like A Big Dummy

Pretty much any act of road rage makes you look like an idiot. That’s just how it is. This particular example, from New South Wales, Australia, might be the most pure and perfect form of the road-raging moron. That’s because the road-rager’s own anger and idiocy causes him to bite himself on the ass, like an idiotic ouroboros in a Honda CR-V. Only instead of a bite, the dumbass hit himself with his own car.


The video comes from Dashcam Owners Australia, and, really, you should just watch it:


What appears to have happened is that the CR-V driver was blocking traffic, and, since the lever to operate the Honda’s indicators proved to be a Rubik’s Cube-like challenge for the driver, no indicator was blinking to explain that the driver was waiting for a parking place to open.

The confused and frustrated drivers in car behind honked at the CR-V, a long honk, sure, but one that was justified since the CR-V wasn’t providing any information as to what was going on.

The CR-V’s driver, though, would not stand for such an affront as a blast from another vehicle’s shame-klaxon, so he decides to get out of the car and march over to the car behind, where he was planning to, I guess, give a stern-lecture about the pain caused by honking.

Unfortunately, the driver, under the burden of his own rage and idiocy, left his car in reverse, so that when he exited, the door to his own car knocked his ass onto the ground, flinging off a stupid sandal, and then impacting the car behind.

The most amazing thing about all this? The guy trundles dizzily over to the car behind to blame them for what happened, while his car is still in reverse.



Those feet kicking up fecklessly from the ground are the real take-away here. Anytime you may feel tempted to go all crazy on someone for something like a honk (as unlikely as I know that may be) just picture those two sad little feet, one denuded of its protective sandal, kicking helplessly in the air.

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I imagine Australia as a place where road rage leads to fistfights, which then lead to rugby matches.