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It’s only a BMW 3 Series Compact. It only puts down 322 horsepower at the wheels. But none of that is important, because it howls like an F1 car.

This is Chelsea DeNofa’s 318ti, first with an S52. That was the straight six that went into the E36 M3. This is an S54, the E46 M3 engine.


The stock redline on the thing was 8,000 RPM. As you can watch this thing run out, that’s not where it’s at anymore.

Here, listen to some more of this thing. It barks.


Maybe I should be less hyperbolic. The naturally-aspirated F1 cars this thing sounds like revved twice as high and had a corresponding increase in ear-piercing wail. I got to hear the V8 cars run at Montreal (themselves a pale shadow of the V10 and V12 cars before them), and you could hear the things across the island on which the race is held.

But still, DeNofa’s BMW rips. Can’t wait to hear more of this thing.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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