Long, dreary, rainy drives on long commutes sure are dull, right? Wouldn’t it be much more fun to spice them up with a race against a car that dares to have roughly the same color scheme as you? Sure it would. But it’s not a good idea, as this Mustang driver and an innocent street lamp found out.

Reader Dallasjhawk sent this dashcam video in to us, and described it:

Witnessed a Mustang try to race a GTO on wet road in Grand Prairie. The GTO did NOT race and the Mustang floored it and wrecked. Caught it all on my Dashcam. On subsequent video, I turned around to make sure everyone was ok. They were.

Well, everyone is okay except for that streetlamp, which, I have to say, went down far more easily than I’d have guessed. The Mustang may have lost the not-even-acknowledged race against that GTO, but it sure as hell won the wrestling match with the streetlamp.

And, of course, there’s a pretty simple and clear message here: no matter how fast and badass you think your car is, being an idiot trumps everything. Really, Mustang guy, what the hell were you thinking? It’s a wet road, there’s traffic around, you’ve got a live axle, you’re not on a dragstrip, the GTO doesn’t even give a shit about your insecure engine-revving — just turn up your (probably) shitty music and drive wherever the hell you’re going.

Racing is fun. It’s exciting and challenging and a great way to spend your time and a surprising amount of your money. This guy should have gone to a dragstrip and lost races without putting a lot of people in potential harm.


Oh well. Glad no one was hurt. Enjoy the schadenfreude.

UPDATE: The word ‘lamppost’ actually has two ‘P’s in a row, and looks weird as fuck. Also, in re-watching the video, I think that GTO stepped on it as well, and may have been, at least informally, racing with the doomed Mustang.