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Newsflash: McLarens are expensive. They’re made of carbon-fiber and moondust or some shit. And once you get into the options? Buddy, you are in for a treat.

For example, a typical McLaren 675LT Spider costs approximately $372,000. But that’s not enough for some people. Some people want more. That’s when McLaren Special Operations steps in, which is McLaren’s Haus of We’ll Do What You Want As Long As You Give Us A Lot Of Money.


Recall the MSO Carbon Series LT, the MSO-ified carbony special edition that didn’t make any more power than a normal 675LT Spider. There were only 25 built.

Here’s one at McLaren of Beverly Hills. On top of the carbon treatment, it also has a special blue paint job that you can see the carbon fiber weave through. Also, there are some gold bits because gold! Now, why a person would commission a naked carbon-fiber car and then paint over it again is anyone’s guess, but whatever. It’s a thing that exists.

How much is this blue wonder, you ask? It is $820,000—which is an additional $448,000 in options that don’t amount to anything more than some aesthetic touches. I have some trouble justifying that.

I’m not a fancy nor a fussy person. A normal 675LT Spider would suit me just fine, thank you very much. So, in this highly hypothetical world, I could have the car and $448,000 to play with.

What would that buy me, Kristen Lee? Let’s find out:


In my mind, all of these purchases would be more valuable to me than an MSO McLaren. Wealth is just wasted on the rich, I tell ya.

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