Twitter Users Share All Of The Places That F1 Driver Fernando Alonso Would Rather Be

Following the Brazilian Grand Prix qualifying session in which he failed to post a time on Saturday, McLaren Formula One driver Fernando Alonso took a seat and basked in the sun a bit. Little did he know that it would lead to a (hilarious) photoshopping frenzy of “#PlacesAlonsoWouldRatherBe” on Twitter. »11/15/15 11:08am11/15/15 11:08am

What It Takes To Launch A Brand New Supercar

Coming up with a new car is a paingstainkinly complex process that doesn’t stop at it getting ready for production. The company’s latest has to be launched as well, and in a fitting environment with enough tires for Chris Harris to murder. So when they launched the 570S, McLaren basically moved to Portugal for a month… »11/02/15 3:52pm11/02/15 3:52pm

It Doesn't Even Matter That Button Sat Out F1 Mexican Grand Prix Qualifying

Poor Jenson Button. He already accrued a fifty-place grid penalty for doing two engine swaps in his McLaren Honda Formula One car over the course of the Mexican Grand Prix weekend. Now one of them has an issue they couldn’t diagnose before qualifying. Not that it matters. He’s starting from the back anyway.
»10/31/15 3:49pm10/31/15 3:49pm

The McLaren 570S Pushes The Supercar Brand Into New Territory, Sideways

The McLaren 570S is the most important car built in Woking since Gordon Murray’s F1. Seriously. And as they discovered that less grip can equal more fun, not only did it turn out to be beautiful, but also bloody fantastic to drive. It’s a proper supercar for normal humans who want to go very fast without breaking a… »10/26/15 4:39pm10/26/15 4:39pm

It Was A Majestic McLaren And A Rowdy Raptor Kind Of Day

One of my objectives in life is to binge-watch as many shows as humanly possible. The other is to find places where I am surrounded by beautiful vehicles. Such a place could be a dealership, a showroom or just a plain ol’ parking lot - the only criteria is that there must be at least one awesome car somewhere in the… »10/25/15 3:32pm10/25/15 3:32pm

McLaren F1 Test Driver Learns He's Out Of A Job Via Email On His Birthday

Poor Kevin Magnussen. After being strung along for far too long at the end of last year by the McLaren Formula One team, he was finally hired as a test driver for 2015. McLaren not only passed on the option to renew his contract for 2016, but the team principal’s assistant let him know via email on his birthday.
»10/17/15 10:18am10/17/15 10:18am

McLaren Boss Ron Dennis Says Both Alonso And Button Will Return For 2016

McLaren Formula One team boss Ron Dennis just dropped a bomb on British broadcaster Martin Brundle after the Japanese Grand Prix. When Brundle asked, “Are [Jenson] Button and [Fernando] Alonso in your primary two cars next year?” on the Sky Sports broadcast, Dennis responded “Yes!”
»9/27/15 4:34am9/27/15 4:34am

Jenson Button Still Hasn't Announced Squat About Retiring (Or Not) From F1

Contrary to earlier reports that McLaren Honda driver Jenson Button was certainly announcing his retirement from Formula One ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix, we’ve heard nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. Nope. Not a peep about Jenson’s future. Not even about his post-race dinner plans. Noooooope.
»9/27/15 1:49am9/27/15 1:49am

Jenson Button To Announce Retirement From Formula One At Suzuka: Report

Driver Jenson Button is expected to announce an end to his sixteen-season career in Formula One sometime before this weekend’s race at Suzuka, reports The Telegraph. Button had been in negotiations with McLaren, but will likely bow out instead of spend another season in the uncompetitive car.
»9/22/15 2:35pm9/22/15 2:35pm

The McLaren F1 and why I longed for most of my life to see one

It’s fascinating the way our memories work. We have the capacity to cling onto memories that have long been retired into the depths of our minds, thoughts from our youth that we treasure but now lay dormant in our subconscious. They could be insignificant, sure, but somehow we would always identify strongly with them.… »8/24/15 9:47am8/24/15 9:47am