McLaren F1 Team Picks Up New CEO From VW WRC Team That Doesn't Know How To Lose

The McLaren Formula One Team is tired of losing. We’re tired of seeing them lose. Even F1 head Bernie Ecclestone is tired of seeing them lose, in a rare moment where fans and F1's leadership actually agree. So, McLaren hired a CEO from a team that doesn’t understand losing: Volkswagen’s World Rally Championship team.

The McLaren MP4-X Concept Is A Radical Vision Of Racing's Future

The designers at McLaren Applied Technologies put together a bold vision of the future outside of any current series regulations to show what could be done if Formula One would just let them. The MP4-X concept sounds as if it’s straight out of science fiction, and we’d love to see some of its ideas become reality.

No, Fernando Alonso Probably Isn’t Taking A ‘Sabbatical’, You Fools

The Formula One rumor mill is alive and kicking, despite most of the grid being settled by now. No, the rumor mill demands a sacrifice! A McLaren sacrifice! While McLaren driver Fernando Alonso has two years left on his contract with the team, some are speculating he may take a sabbatical if the car is still a turd.…

Twitter Users Share All Of The Places That F1 Driver Fernando Alonso Would Rather Be

Following the Brazilian Grand Prix qualifying session in which he failed to post a time on Saturday, McLaren Formula One driver Fernando Alonso took a seat and basked in the sun a bit. Little did he know that it would lead to a (hilarious) photoshopping frenzy of “#PlacesAlonsoWouldRatherBe” on Twitter.


It Doesn't Even Matter That Button Sat Out F1 Mexican Grand Prix Qualifying

Poor Jenson Button. He already accrued a fifty-place grid penalty for doing two engine swaps in his McLaren Honda Formula One car over the course of the Mexican Grand Prix weekend. Now one of them has an issue they couldn’t diagnose before qualifying. Not that it matters. He’s starting from the back anyway.

It Was A Majestic McLaren And A Rowdy Raptor Kind Of Day

One of my objectives in life is to binge-watch as many shows as humanly possible. The other is to find places where I am surrounded by beautiful vehicles. Such a place could be a dealership, a showroom or just a plain ol’ parking lot - the only criteria is that there must be at least one awesome car somewhere in the…

McLaren F1 Test Driver Learns He's Out Of A Job Via Email On His Birthday

Poor Kevin Magnussen. After being strung along for far too long at the end of last year by the McLaren Formula One team, he was finally hired as a test driver for 2015. McLaren not only passed on the option to renew his contract for 2016, but the team principal’s assistant let him know via email on his birthday.