This Is The Most Beautiful Car Video In Years

This is Off Seasons 2, the sequel to pro-drifter Ryan Tuerck's seminal 2010 drift video. It is the most evocative car video I have seen since then.

There are a few elements that go together that make this video as good as it is. The video is covered in the Northeast's forest green, and is so much more beautiful than any video of sideways, smoky driving ought to be.


The cinematography, done by the same Andrew Laputka responsible for the original Off Seasons, as well as Ken Block's wheel-shattering Irwindale film, is outstanding. There are no helicopters to get expensive views, but each thought is just right.

The car, the same 240SX used in the last Off Seasons, was brought out of retirement for this shoot with a spare 1JZ under the hood. It is a clean car on a gorgeous mountain with a very, very angry sounding motor.

Finally, there are no tracks of rubber on the ground in front of the car. Tuerck just gets each corner right the first time.


The video is sideways, wordless, beautiful. It has the feel of how you wish every drive went.

And that is why it's the best car video I've seen in years.

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Really guys, how old are you? 10? 12? Drifting is one of the most useless things ever to motorsport, just to impress little boys and ricers. Drifting is just childish. And even though the footage is pretty nice, there are many car videos shot last year only that look so much better.