This Is The Best Quick, Cheap Fix To Bad In-Car Video Sound Yet

GIF via Ryan Doherty

Onboard cameras are all but ubiquitous in race cars now, yet the audio that comes from them often isn’t so great. You may hear the car in the background underneath a harsh layer of windy sounds and mount rattles. Here’s the best cheap fix to bad or nonexistent onboard video audio yet.

Instead of subjecting us to the usual “wooooosssshhhhppsssshhhhhsdjfsjfls” of an onboard video camera’s default audio, the Hella Shitty 24 Hours of LeMons team dubbed in-race car sounds as lovingly recreated by...a mouth.


This is onboard their No. 6 car—a pink Hello Kitty-liveried BMW E30 with a snowboard for a wing—for the 2013 Sears Pointless race at Sonoma Raceway. It sure doesn’t sound like it has a BMW engine based on this video, that’s for sure. Could I be hearing a cheaty-for-LeMons engine swap? Scandal!

All jokes aside, unless you went all out and hid a nice external microphone somewhere that’s adequately sheltered from wind noise, I think I know which audio track I’d really rather listen to.


UPDATE: Fellow LeMons racer Christopher Blizzard pointed me to the source of the audio:

It’s kind of shocking how well this works with the LeMons footage. Brilliant.

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