Illustration for article titled This Is Manhattan Speeder Christopher Adam Tang/Afroduck In Custody

Christopher Adam Tang, better known as Afroduck, never showed his face, voice, or any other identifying characteristic in the video of his very illegal 24 minute record run around Manhattan. But here he is in handcuffs.


ABC 7 News was on hand to see Afroduck get taken into custody early this morning at the 25th Precinct in East Harlem. They report that Tang is 30 years old. He gives no comment to the reporters, and he smiles.


ABC 7 News reports that the NYPD charged Tang with speeding, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, traffic device violation, moving from a lane unsafely, and following too closely. They impounded his British Columbia-registered blue BMW Z4.

We do not know how the NYPD found Tang or how they will will substantiate these charges, as you never see Tang in his video, you never get a clear identification of what car he really is driving, and his video is sped up 4.3 times.

It is highly possible that the NYPD's license plate readers and traffic cameras were enough to find him and charge him, but that will likely come out as more details of the case are made public.

What is clear is that (in New York at least) we're in a new age of traffic enforcement, where you don't actually have to get spotted and pulled over by a cop car to get arrested for illegal driving.


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