NYPD Arrest Manhattan Speeder Christopher Adam Tang aka Afroduck

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NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly declared war on Afroduck, the driver who claims to have done a very illegal 24:07 record lap of Manhattan. Now we're hearing from a source that the NYPD arrested him moments ago. UPDATE: Confirmed. Driver ID'd.

Afroduck is the pseudonym used by the driver claiming to have set a around Manhattan's ring roads. Afroduck claims to have used a BMW Z4 (which has already been a challenge for the New York Post to ID), and told Jalopnik that the video evidence isn't enough to reveal who was driving.

JALOPNIK: Why publish your video so close to when you performed the run? Other drivers waited over a year to release their footage, if ever. AFRODUCK: You frankly can't identify who I am by just looking at the video and records were meant to be broken. I'll release my name a year from now.


Since publishing this interview, Afroduck has not responded to any questions, from Jalopnik, or anyone else. Probably smart since the police were trying to nab him, but maybe it wasn't smart to talk to anyone in the first place?

Most people who post these videos do so after the statute of limitations have passed.

Right now we have a source who says he was picked up by the NYPD just minutes ago. We'll let you know more when we hear something.

UPDATE: NYPD DCPI confirmed in a call that they have a suspect in custody and that information would be going out soon, likely with the identity of the person arrested. Afroduck, apparently, will be unmasked.


UPDATE 2: (10:20) Police have identified the driver as 30-year-old Christopher Adam Tang, an NYC resident picked up at his home by NYPD Highway Detectives. Police also impounded his car. He's been charged with reckless driving and reckless endangerment. A source tells us this is the photo of his car above.