Dubai is the land of gold-plated cars and discarded Ferraris, so is it any shock that someone spent a lot of money at a club? Only when you see the bill was $105,421.

The receipt above was posted over at Luxury4Play, which is one of the few forums where a member might actually be able to afford such a bill.

The biggest part of the bill at The Cavalli Club was the AED125,000 ($35,000) bottle of Cristal, though let's not ignore the Luxor or Vodka bottles. Oh, and that one really cheapass small birthday cake.


The club confirmed the veracity of the bill and say it's a semi-regular occurrence. Also, this was January 2nd. Imagine how this customer celebrates December 31st.

This post is #OTBA, which means it's Off-Topic But Awesome because it happened in crazy Dubai.