$220K gold-plated Nissan GT-R for Very Very Important (Rich) People

Conceptually, the budget supercar ethos the Nissan GT-R embraces is at odds with the monkey-butlers-wearing-diamond-studded-cummerbunds spending philosophy of the Middle East. Thus, the $220,000 2012 Nissan GT-R VVIP was created. It's the Goldschlager of supercars.

For spending twice the normal amount on a GT-R you'll get intakes and side-strakes plated with 24K gold, Seton soft leather interior, custom Bose speakers, carbon-fiber rear wing from the Spec V, and a new diffuser. There's also a touch more work done to the suspension and a slightly higher top speed.


But according to one reviewer "This GT-R is a jewel of a car, but it's even better without the gold bits. How's that for irony?"

Irony is cheap. Being unironically spoiled is not.

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