$220K gold-plated Nissan GT-R for Very Very Important (Rich) People

Illustration for article titled $220K gold-plated Nissan GT-R for Very Very Important (Rich) People

Conceptually, the budget supercar ethos the Nissan GT-R embraces is at odds with the monkey-butlers-wearing-diamond-studded-cummerbunds spending philosophy of the Middle East. Thus, the $220,000 2012 Nissan GT-R VVIP was created. It's the Goldschlager of supercars.


For spending twice the normal amount on a GT-R you'll get intakes and side-strakes plated with 24K gold, Seton soft leather interior, custom Bose speakers, carbon-fiber rear wing from the Spec V, and a new diffuser. There's also a touch more work done to the suspension and a slightly higher top speed.

But according to one reviewer "This GT-R is a jewel of a car, but it's even better without the gold bits. How's that for irony?"


Irony is cheap. Being unironically spoiled is not.

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Bryce Womeldurf

It seems kind of tacky. Couldn't they have just made the gold pieces out of kevlar carbon fiber instead? At least it would be somewhat functional that way. Put that on a black bodied GTR and it's perfect. Something like what you'd see on a Top Secret car (other than the gold ones, obviously).