Are you one of those fans of the Hubble Space Telescope who's sick of all the cut-rate control panel knockoffs for your home Hubble Mission Control simulator? Isn't it time you finally stepped up and really got the equipment you deserve? Of course it is. That's why you need to grab that $75,000 from your swear jar to plunk down on the genuine, '80s-era Hubble control consoles.

You get two consoles for your money: the Vehicle Power Interface rack, and the nice, sit-down Dual Control Console, with it's two CRT displays and keyboards to let you share your simulated Hubble-controlling experience with a loved one.

These are actually incredible pieces of space exploration history, and would be ideal for a museum or similar display. Still, it's hard to argue against repurposing that Dual Control Console with some modern computers and making the geekiest/coolest workstation I've ever seen.

(thanks, BoingBoing!)