As you guys know, I love trucks, and I love thinking about ways to build trucks that nobody in their right mind would ever try. I still believe that the standard pickup truck design wastes too much room on the hood, and if we can't have cabover trucks, we should find another solution.

Here's one solution that's even a little weird by my standards. Picture a truck with a half-width cab with tandem seating — one driver in front, one passenger (maybe two if they're friendly) in back. Two doors, both on one side. Along the other side of the truck, taking up half the width, is a full-length bed.


Actually, I think it could be sort of L-shaped, with an extra bit of bed behind the 1/2-width cab. There could also be a nice big lockable trunk on the cab side as well, for tools, Fabergé eggs, and other valuables people tend to keep in trucks.

It'd probably have to have an inline 4 or 6 in that narrowed engine bay, but I'm plenty happy with that. This design could be huge with plumbers and welders and carpenters and gardeners and pretty much anyone who's sick of tying a red rag to the end of all that stuff that sticks out too far of a normal pickup.

For some reason, I also think it'd make a great mobile swordfish tank.

What do you think of this idea? Tell me, I can take it. Until I cry.

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