This Ferrari 488 Video Tickles My Everything And More

The sights. The sounds. An Earth-scorching, tire-shredding symphony. A yellow Ferrari 488 video with fantastic production quality. Please just ignore the fact that this video is also the worst advertisement ever made.

Here at Jalopnik we try to avoid helping companies by posting advertisements, but sometimes they surprise even us and produce something like this video featuring a yellow Ferrari 488, driven as it should be in a dream-like sequence I would pay real money to have.


So what makes this advertisement so especially horrible? It’s the best fucking Ferrari 488 video ever made. It makes you want to buy a Ferrari 488. It makes you want to buy anything that will go sideways. It might even make you want to buy a yellow car! It’s the worst because it’s not advertising any of those things.

Turn up the volume and clean up after yourselves.

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