This Chase Scene From Quantum of Solace Is Still Sublimely Awesome

When we asked you to name every single James Bond car ever, it did my heart good to see so many of you chime in to stick up for 2008's Quantum of Solace. Nearly every review I've seen of Skyfall so far has mentioned what a "dud" or a "disaster" its prequel was, and I don't think that criticism was fair at all.


Sure, Quantum isn't a perfect movie. Its story is kind of all over the place. But there are a lot of things to love about it too, like Daniel Craig's general lethality from start to finish, bad guys that were detestable in a real world sense, a great set piece with the burning hotel at the end, a satisfying conclusion to the events in Casino Royale, and Gemma Arterton as Ms. Fields.

But my favorite part of the movie comes within the first three minutes when we're treated to one of the better car chases in Bond movie history. It's short, it's intense, it's brutal, and it's a lot of fun to watch.

Our hero is driving an Aston Martin DBS with a throaty V12 engine, while the bad guy vehicle of choice is an Alfa Romeo 159 with a 3.2-liter V6. Under normal circumstances that isn't even remotely a fair fight, except here there are two Alfas, their drivers have assault rifles, and the chase takes place on a winding, two-lane roadway in heavy traffic. Do not try this at home, kiddos.

It's such a desperate, frenetic, obstacle-laden chase, and through it all the Aston gets tore the fuck up. (This shouldn't surprise anyone since Daniel Craig's James Bond goes through Astons like normal people go through cigarettes.) The moment about 50 seconds in where Bond loses a door, spins into a wall and narrowly misses an oncoming truck? I still get chills seeing that.

Plus, the scene is awesome because it's made pretty clear that this DB9 has three pedals and a stick. An automatic for 007? Please.


Eventually Bond manages to dispatch the last Alfa using his rifle, after which he drives into town and nonchalantly opens the trunk to reveal his cargo — a tied up Mr. White, one of the baddies from the previous movie. "It's time to get out," he says. BAD ASS.

I haven't seen Skyfall yet but I plan to this weekend. Hopefully it won't disappoint on the car chase front.


What's your favorite Bond movie car chase? Paste it in the comments below if you can find it online!


Shady Balkan Subject, Drives an Alfa

It was the most memorable moment of QoS and the film was not so bad as almost all try to say it is. Alos the DBS with a manual is drool worthy. Clarkson asked why you will pay much more money for the DBS intead of bying a DB9 and the answer is manual transmission + Bond.

Some SPOILERS!!! for ppl that are going to see Skyfall for the first thing!

The only two big things that Skyfall missed was an awesome car chase scene and a girl with a wacky oversexualized name. Mendes wanted an Oscar Bond and he did it(I will be surprised if Skyfall don't get at least a nomination for Best supporting actor for Bardem). And it is great and that is coming from a fan of the old movies. Bond can be a dark film, but I really hope the next movie go back much more in the wacky department. Skyfall could have had more gadgets that Q is back and it could have more action scenes, but if this is an exception and not a trend I am ok.