This Backwards Entry Defies Physics

I have watched this clip a dozen times and I still do not understand how this is physically possible.

This is Naoki Nakamura, internet nerds’ favorite drifter at the moment. This is how he drives ‘pink style,’ absolutely backwards in what is only a lightly modified, not-particularly-high-horsepower old Nissan S-Chassis.


Naoki has been traveling the world lately, recently coming to America to blow some minds over here, and in this video he’s down in New Zealand for a greasy drift matsuri showing how backwards a car can enter a corner.

(Hat tip to Bryan!)

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


Miles Archer

The physics appears normal to me. The rear gets sliding while the front still has grip. The rear end comes around then the front loses traction and the car slides ass first into the curve. I see something that is tricky to do intentionally but perfectly within normal driving physics.