Watch A Japanese Drift Legend Come To America And Redefine Drifting As We Know It

Naoki Nakamura is a legend among drifters, having win the D1 Street Legal series with his insanely aggressive style. When a group of Americans invited him to our shores to throw an event in his honor, he put on a master class in Japanese-style drifting with the insane finesse American drifters often never learn on our wide-open tracks.


A group of American fans wanted to see what Naoki could do apart from the hyper-political world of Japanese drifting. Just Naoki and a car. Thus, an event held in his honor called Super D Matsuri was born.

Naoki’s talent for making a car hold a drift thoroughly backwards at ludicrous speeds is no joke, and everyone who witnessed his skills in person got a mind-blowing primer on how Japanese do drifting just a little bit differently than we do. Spoiler: it wasn’t how he built the car.

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Part of me is sad that we just culturally appropriated the shit out of drifting and now youtube is full of American kids drifting miatas and 240's and covering them with stickers. It’s like we packaged up something unique and rammed it through the American assembly-line mentality and now it’s this big ubiquitous thing that’s full of people who wear the same clothes, talk the same way, and drive the same cars.

You have little carscenes all over Japan but were really know how to overplay something until it’s so dead that no one wants anything to do with it. Let’s blast some Nickelback and make Chuck Norris jokes while we drift cars, fellow Americans!