Watch This Japanese Drifter Blow Your Mind

If you’ve never seen Naoki Nakamura drift before, prepare to see some things you didn’t think were possible.


Nakamura is a beloved figure among a particularly diehard set of American drift fans because he drivers closer to anybody else and he drivers backwards-er than anybody else. Here’s a little clip of him in Japan:

A bunch of former pro drifters here in the States helped get him over to America and held an event sort of in his honor over the weekend called Super D Matsuri. He showed that what he has done in Japan is no fluke. The dude is just about the most aggressive driver on the face of the earth:

Only a handful of American drivers could even keep up with him. The guys from Team Animal Style, Formula Drift pro Forrest Wang, and my new favorite Pro2 driver Ryan Litteral:

Backwards on entry. Banging on doors, lap after lap after lap.

You, me, your mother—we should all aspire to drive like Nakamura.


Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


Raphael Orlove

I am now a Ryan Litteral fan: