This American Life Exposes GM's Greatest Missed Opportunity

Illustration for article titled emThis American Life/em Exposes GMs Greatest Missed Opportunity

This weekend's episode of This American Life focused on NUMMI, the GM/Toyota joint venture production facility closing this week after 26 years. It's a great primer for the Carpocalypse. [ThisAmericanLife] (Thanks to everyone for the tips!)


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You have to remember Toyota didn't have to deal with the UAW. Anyone that has had to deal with a union knows that it is their job to make sure NOBODY does anything that isn't in their job description. If you tighten lugnuts you in no way shape or form help the guy bolting on a facia. That inefficiency "protects jobs" and you will be booted out of the union if you are caught doing a different job. It's not all GM's fault.