GM Says Goodbye To Toyota Partnership, Ships NUMMI To "Old GM"

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The demise of Pontiac and the joint-venture Vibe left GM's side of the partnership with Toyota at California's NUMMI assembly plant in question. Until now. GM released a statement saying NUMMI is totally "Old GM." Full release below.

General Motors Statement Regarding Discontinuation of Pontiac Vibe Production at NUMMI Facility

As part of its long-term viability plan and recent decision to phase out the Pontiac brand, General Motors has decided to discontinue production of the Pontiac Vibe by the end of August 2009. The Vibe is produced at the New United Motor Manufacturing Incorporated (NUMMI) facility jointly operated by GM and Toyota in Fremont, California. While no replacement for Vibe production has been determined, GM and Toyota remain in active discussions regarding potential future production at NUMMI.


Thanks for the memories — and the Cavaliers — feel free to keep all that production capacity. We don't really need it.

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Well, if GM's offerings from this partnership weren't punishment for not buying one of GM's many gas-guzzlers and crappy "designed in Detroit" scheiss-kisten, this might have gotten more of an outcry than is evident here.