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GM Kills Vibe Early, Can't Quit NUMMI

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The irony of Toyota building the last Pontiac was perhaps too much for GM, consequently, they've decided to axe the Vibe in 2009. However, GM is still searching for a way to build products at NUMMI with Toyota.


Just one year and seven months after its official debut, the Pontiac Vibe has been put on the chopping blocks, dead after a very short life. Previously the Vibe was to be the only car available to the public in the 2010 model year, now the only product seems to be the 2010 model year G6 for sale to fleets only. So if you want a Pontiac, you better get one this year.


On the other hand, GM clearly wants to continue its production setup with Toyota and is in "active discussions" to find some other way to continue production at NUMMI. Can you say Chevy Tacoma?

General Motors Statement Regarding Discontinuation of Pontiac Vibe Production at NUMMI Facility

As part of its long-term viability plan and recent decision to phase out the Pontiac brand, General Motors has decided to discontinue production of the Pontiac Vibe by the end of August 2009. The Vibe is produced at the New United Motor Manufacturing Incorporated (NUMMI) facility jointly operated by GM and Toyota in Fremont, California. While no replacement for Vibe production has been determined, GM and Toyota remain in active discussions regarding potential future production at NUMMI.

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